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About Us

Green Mile Outdoors is a fishing and archery pro shop, owned by three brothers who all share a passion for the outdoors and helping fellow outdoorsmen.

Our objective is to provide our customers with best service possible, at the lowest cost. With our combined 40+ years of archery experience, we provide our customers with the knowledge and confidence that at the moment of truth, there equipment is going to perform the way it is suppose to.

Green Mile Outdoors features Hoyt and PSE bows, as well as live bait, tackle, and an indoor archery range.


Monday - Friday 8am-7pm

Saturday and Sunday  8am-4pm                

Services Offered

Basic Bow Tune Up

Check rest, Wax string, Inspect functional parts.

Advanced Bow Tune Up

We take your bow and turn it into several smaller pieces, We then grease, wax, and inspect every individual piece ensuring your bow in perfect shooting condition. Plus everything in the basic bow tune up and paper tuning. 

Paper Tuning

Shooting an arrow through paper ensuring proper arrow flight and nock travel.  A great way to diagnose and double check your bow is shooting correctly. 

Shooting Lessons

Whether you are just starting to shoot, getting back into the game after a few years off, or just trying to figure out areas you can improve, lessons are for everyone.  


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